The Outcomes Team

The Outcomes Australia Team

OA has a vast network of contributors, which includes eminent Australians and provides a platform for people to use their skills and expertise to make a real difference. The provision of pro bono resources and services by our members enables the pursuit of our mission to solve major community problems.

Outcomes Australia was founded by Marvin Weinman in 2008. Mr Weinman is the current Chairman of Outcomes Australia and current Chairman of ShareLife.

Former Governor General, Major General Michael Jeffery was the previous Chairman of Outcomes Australia.

The Chairman and the Board of Outcomes Australia are actively involved in the mission and goals of Outcomes Australia, and bring very valuable expertise and experience to its projects.

The Outcomes model is one that thrives on the investment of time and expertise from a network of entrepreneurial, high-performance individuals. With a diverse range of skills and experiences, the Outcomes Australia Board and community is in the unique position to be able to be proactive and not only find solutions to significant challenges, but work to deliver a program for change.