The Outcomes Approach

How Are We Finding Solutions?

Don't 'reinvent the wheel'

The Outcomes model was developed on the basis that existing successful solutions to commonly occurring global problems can be identified and used in Australia.

The first change project that Outcomes Australia came about when co-founder, Marvin Weinman was approached by Brian Myerson and he learnt that not only did Australia have very low organ donor rates, but that Australia was ranked far behind many other countries. Australia prides itself on being a great place to live, but there are areas of poor performance. This is one.

A vast network of people with complementary skills approached the problem by looking first to where others were getting it right. To find out more about this process, visit the ShareLife Australia site.

Leading Practice

The Outcomes model doesn't look for best practice, it looks for leading practice. Leading practices are continuously developing.

Best practice, by definition can be superceded, therefore leading practice is a term that allows for constant development and change over time.

By pursuing leading practice, we are striving to achieve the best possible outcomes, using a sustainable model and by embracing change and development to ensure continuous improvement.

What's the process?

To understand the process, take a look at the change projects Outcomes Australia is currently engaged in.

ShareLife Australia – saving lives by addressing the organ donor shortfall.

Better Off Australia – reversing the trend of type 2 diabetes for the health and economic benefit of all Australians.

A Coalition of the Willing

Outcomes Australia uses cross functional teams made up of senior executives, ministers and heads of department across a wide range of fields offering their expertise on a pro bono basis in order to solve social inequities. The extensive experience of those involved allows Outcomes Australia to operate at an unprecedented level of efficiency and deliver high impact social change on a national scale. 

Due Dilligence

The Outcomes approach does not seek to reinvent the wheel, we acknowledge that there are many countries that may outperform Australia in particular social spaces. To increase the bang for buck Outcomes Australia receives the organisation seeks to replicate global best practice and adapt proven solutions to work in an Australian context. This saves immense amount of time and money on research and trials at the same time increases our global network to involve other organisations from around the world who are successfully tackling social issues in their own jurisdictions. The due diligence process involves our team pouring over every piece of information available about the organisation we are seeking to replicate to find out what makes that particular organisation successful in their particular environment. We then communicate with those who are operating the programs overseas to ask any questions that arise from the research phase and begin work on adapting the program to work in an Australian environment. 


Upon completion of the Due Diligence phase the Outcomes team discusses the various options available to the organisation to secure funding. Depending on the project this can come from either the private sector or by government, however since Outcomes Australia seeks to replicate global best practice we are hesitant to secure funding from any source that will seek to change the way in which the programs operate as we are utilising proven solutions to social problems. This ensures that participation in any of our programs will give you the highest possible chance of overcoming the particularly adversity you or your family currently face. 

Delivery, Management and Accountability

The Team at Outcomes Australia has a proven track record in managing global organisations as well as growing small to medium businesses into much larger entities. These management and strategy skills are heavily utilised in our process to bring high performing business principles and accountability practices into the social change space. By having performance measures, dedicated management teams and clear accountability for all involved in our projects we are able to accurately measure the success of our programs and continually make adjustments to ensure the community is getting the most value from our activities. 

Building a Relationship

Outcomes Australia is focused on enacting real social change throughout this country and through doing so wants to create new and strengthen old relationships within the community. We work closely with local groups and individuals to ensure that the programs we offer are able to become more engrained into the local area and become a force for good for all of the stakeholders throughout the process, from the individuals participating in our programs to the businesses and community that surrounds them. If you would like to be part of the wider Outcomes Australia community or think a partnership in your local area could be beneficial to those who live there, please reach out to us here!