Not Just Another Mentor Program

What Makes Guiding Young Futures Different?

L.E.K, a leading management consulting firm, conducted secondary research on 28 mentoring (coaching) programs over 13 geographies, 9 of which were in Australia. Research found that all Australian programs relied on volunteer mentors with only short initial prior training programs. No programs involved active connection with the child's parent(s), school & community environments. Guiding Young Futures Australia will also provide competitive remuneration to the life coaches employed by the program and require a 3 year minimum commitment.

Monitoring + Measurement = Manageable

By identifying the metrics that were used successfully to measure the success of Young Futures Israel, Outcomes Australia has been able to create measures for success based on global best practice. By monitoring the child's progress across multiple spheres such as; personal, education, social, family we can provide an accurate, holistic outcome for the child's progress and the benefit to the communities that we operate in.