Guiding Young Futures focuses on the middle years where significant physiological, neurological and psychological change is happening the child. Effective interventions for this age group have the capacity to deeply influence long term learning outcomes in the child.


Guiding Young Futures Australia is based on proven global best practice from an Israeli program running since 2005. Guiding Young Futures employs highly trained mentors who are paid and trained weekly for a minimum of 3 years to enhance the learning outcomes of the child.


Outcomes Australia operates under a unique distributed leadership model that brings the business community together with research experts, bypassing the constraints of government and bureaucracy to deliver gold standard outcomes to the community.


“Guiding Young Futures recognises and focuses on the mutually beneficial relationship between health/wellbeing outcomes and educational success; the program will make children more educable with all the benefits accruing from that.”

Professor David Bennett NSW Health, Clinical Professor, Adolescent Medicine

“Guiding Young Futures Australia has attracted over 55 Australian experts who are leaders in their various fields. These leaders through their knowledge of the sectors confirmed that the community would significantly benefit from the Israeli model in operations in Australia and secondly, that these services are not currently provided by any existing body.”

Ted Wziontek Chair, Catholic Care

“The three factors for success that Guiding Young Futures possesses are; The uniqueness of this program, the cost benefit to the community and the documented outcomes of the established program in Israel”

Jerome Goldberg Orthopaedic Surgeon, Australian Biotechnologies and Orthosports

“The Guiding Young Future’s business model brings together business experts with child welfare experts, and bypasses the constraints of government and bureaucracy.”

Fiona Nash Principal of Sancta Sophia College
Overview of the Program

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This is your chance to champion the cause of disadvantaged youth in Australia. By putting your support behind this proven model of intervention in the critical middle years of a child's development you can help make the children of tomorrow more educable and greatly improve the trajectory of their life.

Extensive due diligence has been completed and an assessment of any issues associated with transitioning Youth Futures Israel into Australia have been identified and explored in the project's Business Plan. The next significant step of that plan is to test the business strategy and particularly the funding arrangements with the Prominent Australian Panel. There is no time to lose, there is no greater contribution that you can make to our nation’s future but to support and contribute to the active launch of Guiding Young Futures Australia!

Youth Futures Israel – A Proven Model

Outcomes Australia

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